Saturday, December 11, 2004


... i saw a life-size toy of piano keys in a supermarket, kinda like the one they had in the movie BIG. Kids were stepping on the keys, making some cute music. I couldn't help but smile :-) I love seeing this taking place, it looks surreal. It makes me miss my sweetie.

... i checked out UPM's Katutubong ELVIS, where my friends and i got to see some college alumni, old friends, old flames and yes, even old enemies. It was at the UP Lagoon, somewhat small yet interestingly enough, appropriate, with the clear starry night and some good ol' college vibe that permeates from everybody present (alumni and studes alike).

+ + +


... I got an email from my sweetie (yey!) telling me about his NY trip. Makes me wish i was there with him (he checked out some cool museums, not to mention went around town with some friends). I miss him a lot.Can't wait to see him next year!

... i finally finished the collaterals for the opening. Yahhooo! No cutting for me by next week! (i hope)

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